Florence Curl Jones led the Winnemem Wintu as their Tribal and Spiritual Leader for over 68 years, until she passed leadership down to her niece Caleen Sisk in 2000.

Florence was the Great Aunt of Caleen Sisk, Tribal and Spiritual Leader of the Winnemem Wintu. Florence had many teachings, a great love of nature, and a great love for ‘All my people’ as she would say – meaning everyone. She once said, ‘We can’t just all be dumb and die,’ when talking about the sacredness of the mountain, the spring and nature itself. So let’s hear it – your thoughts on the sacredness of nature and all living things.

If you feel so inclined to learn more of the struggles to protect sacred places, there are at least two movies you just have to see, “In the Light of Reverence”, and “Standing on Sacred Ground”. You can find them here at Sacred Land Film Project. Thank you for your time.

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