#Run4SalmonTeach 2021 Mini-Lessons

2021 update: Contingent upon circumstances regarding COVID-19, details about the Run4Salmon 2021 prayer journey are underway and yet to be announced. Please check back soon at run4salmon.org for updates.

Support and learn more about Run4Salmon with our new mini-lessons! If you’re a parent looking for learning activities for your child, if you’re a teacher looking for lessons to incorporate into your next school year, or if you’re looking for a way to educate yourself, these mini-lessons supplement our Run4Salmon curriculum in a short, user-friendly format.

Click on the blue labels on the map to view each short lesson slideshow, or, click on lesson links in the list below the map:

The Winnemem Wintu The Salmon Shasta Dam River Ecosystems Food Protocol The Artists Threats to the River The Bay Delta Ceremony

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